AKITA INUFirst of all, let me introduce myself,"Osamu Yamaguchi":
I am a representative of Japan Kennel Club-Takasaki Dog Club and a bleeder and a handler.
My kennel called "GRACE GARDEN" is registered for The Association of a preservation
Akita Inu under the name of "Takasaki Yamaguchi" Kennel.
GraceGarden is also registered for Japan Kennel Club Under the name of GRACEGARDEN JP.

Akita dog born in my kennel "GRACE GARDEN",
They give a full confidence to the master and have a good relationship to the master,
which are extremely important and radical points to be an excellent mountains hunting dog.
Concerning the bones structure and the body balance of my Akita dogs,
They are basically created according to the model of Akita dogs recognized by JKC.
The beauty made from the bones structure and the body balance is remarkably expressive in his walk.

AKITA INUIn breeding, I have been assigned since a few years one of the best breeders in Japan and
I export only selected puppies after A examination.
Let me inform you that the export-import of Akita dogs of my district is done only with the authorization
of a representative of Japan Kennel Club-Takasaki Dog Club.

When decide to import one of my Akita dogs,
please inform what kind of color and male or female you would like to.

When I export Akita dogs I attach all the necessary certificates demand by FCI such as the mixture vaccine,
the antirabies vaccine and the microchip recognized by ISO.

Please do not hesitate to send me e-mails for any kind of questions or requests,
or,of course,you are always welcome to Japan to see my Akita dog.

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